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Increased Oxygen to the root of the plant allows for healthy bacteria to exist which releases more nutrients to the plant and enable the plant to air prune itself naturally. This process increases the mass of healthy, fibrous roots that produce a faster growing heartier plant. Built to last with recycled plastic PotPots O2 containers can last up to ten years or more.


O2 air prune

Lack of aeration and poor drainage are significant problems when growing in traditional containers.  With PotPots O2 system, increased oxygenation means that the compost can be placed in the pots without becoming anaerobic. More fertilizer means more nutrient for the plant.

The hyper rate of growth and a higher amount of new white tipped roots means PotPots O2 mature plants demand more moisture and nutrient. Understanding this demand is fundamental to the success of the system.  PotPots O2 plants ideally grown watered with a drip irrigation system. To hand water, create two or more rows of uncut cones at the top of the PotPots 02 container to form a water reservoir.

PotPots O2 containers are just as appropriate for use with a broad range of growing mediums. Whether you grow in Soil or compost, Rockwool, vermiculite, perlite, soilless or with coco fiber your plants will develop fantastic roots.