Our BlackPots are designed to hold up in any garden environment. Created with our proprietary fabric allowing air pruning and root development. We have made sure that all of the fabric seams have been double stitched and handles are also cross stitched for extra strength when moving heavy plants. Our standard fabric is a 5 season fabric, built to be used over and over.



Correct fabric weight is used to the ratio of media to water content, to allow proper drainage and prevent mold.


Fabric aeration allows roots to air prune and focuses the plant's vertical growth while increasing nutrient uptake.

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All of our pots are double stitched on seams to ensure toughness and durability, giving the Pot a 5 season shelf life.

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also have a tiered fabric weight, and we start with a 260-gram weight from 1-gallon pots to 5-gallon pots. We then increase the gram weight of fabric to ensure that the container can handle the increased mass load of soil and water volume.

Most fabric pot companies do not raise their fabric thickness which increases the failure rate of the pots over repeated use.

In addition to having an increased weight helps compensate the additional water volume and pressure that's added to containers over 5 gallons. 


We are also developing new fabrics that will allow any gardener to have fabric pots for all levels of commercial gardens.

Durable fabric for simple cleaning

Stimulates fiberous feeder roots

Reusable Manual

or Auto feeding

Mold resistant 
Great aeration

Our PotPots