Frequently asked questions

What is Air Pruning?

We get this question a lot. Plain and simple, air pruning is the term used to represent the natural pruning processes of plants inside containers when their roots come into contact with air. Probe a little deeper into the subject, and you will quickly see how wondrous air pruning is! When growing with containers that allow the air to pass through the walls, like the fabric pots we have at PotPots, roots are happier. Why? Because as they reach the bottom and the sides of the container, they are naturally dried up or pruned by the air, which forces the plant to sprout new, fresh roots that in turn grow deep into the soil. Think about it. What happens when you take a small cutting from a plant? The stem you cut will sprout at least two more new roots from where you cut. When air comes into contact with the roots of a plant, it dries them up – productively, pruning them and new roots sprout from the old one as a result. As the new little roots disperse through the soil, they can absorb more nutrients from the soil and water. Much more than what a very long, singular root in a plastic container can take in. The result is a more massive, healthier plant, that has all the ingredients it needs to grow bigger, stronger and faster. That is excellent news for farmers or commercial gardeners because it translates into increased yields. Plants that are air pruned do not need to be transplanted as often as there is little risk of them becoming root bound like a plant whose roots do not have access to adequate airflow.

Are the Fabric PotPots reusable?

Yes. Our Fabric PotPot was designed to be used for many seasons. We have received feedback from many of our customers that they are experiencing as many as 8 seasons with their Fabric PotPot. Follow the user care and guidelines for cleaning for optimal results!

Can I plant my plant in the ground with a PotPot on it?

We constructed the natural fiber bags for the function of having a container that could be planted with the plants inside, into the ground, and then allowing growers to unearth at a later date.

Is PotPots biodegradable

We must classify "not bio-degradable", meaning never breaking down and “the fabric lasting forever.” Nothing lasts forever, stating it last forever would refer that the pots could be used over and over forever, maintaining the maximum results they were intended to produce. Your fabric pot will not disappear, but it will lose its vitality after many uses and for this reason, not be as good as new or be used for its original intentions forever. Not even a plastic pot will last in the elements more than a couple of seasons. What we do say is that if the pot ends up in a landfill, a degradable pot will be a much smaller footprint than its surrogate plastic container. Much better for the planet, and much better for the plant!

How much growing media do I need for my PotPot?

Can I grow in the PotPot and still be considered Organic?

We handle and select the raw material that we use to create the Fabric PotPots. All of our materials are clean and safe. We developed our Potpots keeping in mind all safety and sanitary requirements to safeguard the delivery of a supreme natural product for human applications. Our PotPots are BPA free and items grown inside the pots, provided all other measures to be organic are considered, are Organic.

How is the PotPot better in extreme weather?

The heat release allowed from the nature of the fabric protects the roots from root burn. PotPots Fabric is pliable and will not crack from frost, or if it is dropped. Lastly, a fibrous root structure that the air-pruning provides-- has fewer complications in cold or hot weather.

What is the best potting mix?

PotPots is just one part of a total growing system. Heavier denser mixes will retain moisture while lighter mediums will require you to water more often. To reap all of its rewards it is vital to use a proper compost mix and give the plant ample water. PotPots fabric pots are appropriate for use with a broad range of growing mediums. Whether you grow in Soil or compost, Rockwool, vermiculite, perlite, soilless or with coco fiber your plants will develop fantastic roots.

What size fabric PotPot should I use?

Why choose PotPots?

Our fabric PotPot is specifically designed to maximize the development of a healthy fibrous root system. Our fabric not only lasts – it air prunes but also drains and releases heat effectively. We use both recycled plastic fibers along with natural fibers. These natural fibers mixed into the fabric will retain moisture much more evenly throughout the pot, and still be allowing the material to breathe. The breathability helps cool down the plant in summer and conversely helps the plant stay warm in the winter protecting the roots. The density of the fabric PotPots is always guaranteed to hold the volume weight expected for each size PotPot.