Shawn Brissette

Chief Troublemaker

Shawn, a veteran gardener, is the lead on all things that are contained in our company. He is always finding a way to fill us to the top with ideas and great media. He was instrumental in pulling the fabric of our ideas into an actual plan and cultivating it into what we are today. Shawn will continue to innovate Pot Pots as we spread our fibrous roots throughout the industry!

Eric Kerker

Jack of Spades

Eric is an invaluable team member that takes all of the pieces that come down from the business and puts them in one container to make it into a functional growing thing. He has given the company the ability to breath and self "prune" as needed, letting the flow of energy come into the company and drain without causing the mold of distaste or conflict to ever to occur.

Jessica Bloom

Dynamic Manufacturing Maven

Jessica is vital to not only creating our amazing products but ensuring that all of our products are perfect as the vegetables in her garden. As a horticultural expert Jessica knows that only feeding the right types of nutrients into your business will ever let it grow strong and health. That is why she is so amazing at keeping the Pot Pots brand strong by taking our manufacturing one day at a time. Taking time to listen to what it needs, feeding the supply chain what it requires and never cheaping out on materials or skipping vital days to hydrate the fruits of our labor.

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